Violent Delights Tattoo Club not only delivers custom unique pieces to each client, but the Club has created an environment that is inspired by creativity and kindness. VDTC is proudly Veteran Owned and Operated and delivers professionalism and respect to every client that we have the honor of creating art for.

providing clients with stunning, timeless art

bold. custom. beautiful.

Gio Martinez is driven to creating a unique style of art, while staying true to tattoo culture and honoring the history through his versatility.

Owner & Artist

Stout-Hearted. Dedicated. Cultivated

5 star reviews

"Perfectly placed in just the right spot! Gio can take your idea and make it even better!"

"Beautiful custom made work."

"First tattoo done today and Gio was impressive. I love how it turned out!"

"Really appreciate Gio's artistry."

"Gio created a kick A$% memorial tattoo in honor of my dad. His linework and shading are phenomenal. His work is unique. Gio is very honest and knowledgeable about what will and will not work." 

"I can’t thank Gio enough for his amazing work."

"I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for a tattoo from a first timer to a seasoned vet. Gio is a great artist and wont lead you in the wrong direction."

"Great clean and friendly shop."

veteran owned & operated tattoo club Proudly serving TACOMA, washington & the PNW.